January 30 2012

4:48 PM

dress worn as top: vintage (thrifted) jeggings: garanimals (wal-mart) socks: (old navy)

January 29 2012

1:15 PM

cardigan: carter's (thrifted) cute bandaids: up & up (target)

January 28 2012

"Uncle Craig"


January 27 2012

4:06 PM

shirt: rowdy sprout (ga ga) leggings: zutano (ga ga)

January 26 2012

time unknown
"pre-overnight stay swinging with Jess and Lukas"

top: zutano (ga ga)

January 25 2012

8:00 PM
"Bruno Munari's ABC a.ka. Meow Book"

Bruno Munari's ABC: (ga ga) footie pjs: carter's (babies r us, gifted)


January 24 2012

8:31 AM

jammies: target

January 23 2012

7:01 PM
"helping feed the dog"

shirt: h&m (once upon a child resale shoppe) sweater pants: missoni (for target) moccasins: bobux (gaga)

January 22 2012

1:20 PM
"m likes her booky-books"

shirt: koala kids(babies r us) striped leggings: circo (target) striped socks: (babygap) shoes: gymboree (once upon a child resale shoppe)

January 21 2012

5:36 PM

sweater: cherokee (target) jeggings: circo (target) shirt: (babygap) shoes: genuine kids (target)


January 20 2012

2:58 PM
"daddy date"

Happy 18 months Little Girl!
xoxo Momma & Daddy


January 19 2012

8:50 AM
"daddy kisses"

top: babygap (once upon a child resale shoppe)

January 18 2012

3:30 PM
"backpack, backpack, backpack, backpack."

cardigan: babygap (once upon a child resale shoppe) striped top: zutano (ga ga) hairclip: goody (target)

January 17 2012


jean leggings: circo (target) top: old navy (once upon a child resale shoppe)


January 16 2012

7:35 PM
"little artist"

leggings: tea collection (teacollection.com) shirt: gifted
easel: IKEA

January 15 2012

2:11 PM

leggings: tea collection (teacollection.com) moccasins: resale shop (once upon a child)

January 14 2012

4:07 PM
"reading at the park"

top: zutano (ga ga) leggings: zutano (ga ga) brown "exploring" shoes: stride rite (gift from grandparents) quilt: thrifted (souls harbor) diaper tote: sugarbooger by O.R.E. (ga ga)


January 13 2012

1:50 PM

shirt: (pumpkin patch resale shoppe) leggings: zutano (ga ga)


January 12 2012

8:48 PM
"reading to Mommy"

owl jammies: wal-mart


January 11 2012

4:21 PM

top: charlie rocket (ga ga) leggings: tea collection (teacollection.com) converse: hand me down (cousin) hairclip: giddy giddy (ga ga)

January 10 2012

9:28 AM & 3:41 PM
"breakfast and a late lunch with 'friends' "

breakfast-footie pjs: carter's (babiesrus
late lunch-amelia earhart shirt: okllo (okllo.com) cropped jeans: babygap (once upon a child)


January 9 2012

8:40 PM
"baby-doll holding a baby-doll"

"little teepee campsite" shirt: babygap (once upon a child)


January 8 2012

3:20 PM

lavender shirt: babygap (once upon a child) denim jeggings: circo (target) red shoes: keds (thrifted)

January 7 2012

2:14 PM

The Who t-shirt: Rowdy Sprout (ga ga) polka dot tutu skirt: gifted (neiman marcus) red high tops: Converse (hand me down from cousin)


January 6 2012

9:06 AM

pajamas: kicky pants (ga ga) amber teething necklace (the herb bar) hairclips: various


January 5 2012

8:39 AM
"en route to Ms. LeeLee's"

top: featherbaby (ga ga) leggings: featherbaby (ga ga) book: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star illustrated by Sylvia Long (ga ga)

January 4 2012

2:15 PM
"reading with momma"

striped dress: (old navy) leggings: (tea collection) book: A Child's Garden of Verses (ga ga)


January 3 2012

5:00 PM
"be still my heart"

knit sweater hoodie: (babygap)


January 2 2012

4:26 PM

dress: Nano (market sample) felt hairclip: giddy giddy (ga ga)


January 1 2012

3:30 PM

dress: mini shatsu (ga ga) denim leggings: circo (target) red shoes: keds (savers)