Missin' You

Don't know why, but this week I've been really missing Little Girl during the work week. I think it's because she's probably going to learn to walk anyday now, and it breaks my heart that I might miss it. Although, I have the BEST BABYSITTER IN THE WORLD (I'll never stop shouting that from the rooftops) and she would probably text me a pic as soon as it happened if I wanted her too.

I just love watching her learn and grow. Every minute I'm away from her, she's on my mind. I read something the other day that brought tears to my eyes with the realization that she's growing up. It was from a weekly email I get from http://www.babycenter.com/. When she turned one the "Your Baby this week...." changed to "Your Toddler this week...", which of course, made me a little sad. But this week it said this:

"The "face-naming" game. Point to your eyes, nose, etc., and name them, and he'll soon get the hang of it. Ask him where your mouth is and soon enough he'll put his fingers right in it. Psychologists think this may be a precursor to the separation process (when your toddler figures out that you and he are separate people) that begins during the second year."

It's amazing. She's starting to do this too. When I'm holding her I've noticed her staring at my face more and then really concentrating on pointing at my eyes and nose and every imperfection. It's so sweet. It also means she's getting less and less baby and more and more toddler.


IKEA: Flat Out Awesome

A couple of Saturdays back I decided to load up Little Girl and make a trip to IKEA. I had a few things I knew I wanted and it helps to have her with me, especially if I'm alone with her because I tend to go in, get what I came for (I practically study the IKEA catalog everyday) and get back on the road back home. This glorious Saturday though, I got a flat on the way up. Almost was a blowout, but I pulled over just in time. Luckily the Hubs was kind enough to leave work and come rescue us. Lots of other fun stuff ensued, but lets just do like Elaine does on Seinfeld and ya-da ya-da it.

We got a flat...ya-da, ya-da...spare was flat too, ya-da, ya-da...3 gas stations later, ya-da, ya-da...I went to IKEA even after all of it. By the way, these pictures of her in the sunglasses were taken while we were waiting in the Texas heat for Daddy. It made getting a flat a little less of a bummer.

One of the things I got at IKEA was the felt food (the breakfast set). I put it all in a little basket I had lying around, along with her Plan Toys tableware set. She immediately dumped everything else and laughed hesterically with the basket on her head. Awesome.

15 piece felt Breakfast Set

PlanToys Tableware Set

Margot's Outfit:

Striped Onesie



Little Reader

It's makes me so incredibly happy that Little Girl loves books already. It's the only time I can sit there and take pictures and she doesn't even notice! Even when she's at the sitter's with other kiddos to play with and keep her busy, I'm told she still takes time out of the day to "read" a book or two. I cannot even imagine how thrilled we'll be when she starts actually reading! Her favorite books right now are any touch and feel kinds (That's Not My Dinosaur), and any with holes, flaps, or finger puppets (The Very Hungry Caterpillar, In My Tree, Little Owl & Little Bee).



This Saturday we decided to load up Little Girl and head to my hometown. I grew up in the country and longed to be in the city, while my Hubs grew up in the city and longed for the country. Needless to say he is always excited to go see my granny and get to shoot his guns. That's my man!

Little Girl was a champ as always. We stopped by a small town HEB to grab her some organic milk and decided to pick up some tiny boxes of raisins, since we recently discovered she loves them. We thought it would be so cute to see her eat out of this perfectly sized for her tiny hands little box. And it was...for about two seconds. I'm still finding raisins in her carseat. Totally worth it though.



One year old and already charming the fellows? Yep. We were in line at Target and Little Girl smiled and pointed at the young man behind us. He was holding a bouquet of bright yellow flowers. Before I knew it, he was putty in her hands and he was defacing the very bouquet of flowers that I can only assume was a gift for his sig' other. He pulled a flower out of the bunch and offered it to L.G. She was reluctant to accept it, but once she did she pretty much made his beefcakey heart melt by coyly playing with it (and then trying to eat it). It was pretty darn cute. But, oh yeah. Daddy's in trouble. BIIIIIIG trouble.