April 23 2012

2:25 PM

top: cherokee (thrift town)

April 22 2012

1:40 PM
"inside picnic"

tshirt: american apparel (once upon a child) jean leggings: (babygap)

April 21 2012

1:11 PM

shirt/dress/tunic: (american apparel) vintage Madame Alexander doll: (estate sale)

April 20 2012

2:31 PM
"first haircut"

April 19 2012

4:44 PM
"nature and science center"

top: rowdy sprout (ga ga) jeans: babygap (savers) boots: (old navy) necklace: chewbeads (ga ga)

April 18 2012

6:35 PM
"coloring outside"

top: (children's place) jeggings: thrifted (thrift town) boots: (old navy)


April 17 2012

4:46 PM
"climbing the bleachers"

concert tee: rowdy sprout (ga ga) jeggings: circo (target) shoes: keds (savers)


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April 16 2012

8:03 PM
"kitty puppet"

April 15 2012

3:34 PM
"the cow playground"

tshirt: (zara kids) vest: (old navy) jeans: (babygap) sandals: saltwaters (via meandmyfeet.com)

April 14 2012

2:16 PM
"post carnival"

top/dress: (american apparel) jeggings: (thrifted) boots: (old navy) hairbow: (forever21)


April 13 2012

2:41 PM
"zilker park"
welcome to austin onesie: orangeheat (ga ga) jeggings: garanimals (wal-mart) boots: (old navy) clip: unknown (and that's a teddybearwe got from a Dollar Tree)

April 12 2012

7:55 PM
"conversations with an elephant"

April 11 2012

1:11 PM
red tshirt: american apparel (once upon a child resale) denim vest: (old navy) striped leggings: circo (target) red sneakers: keds (savers) stuffed bunny: jellycat (ga ga)

April 10 2012

8:19 PM
"buried alive"

April 9 2012

7:40 PM

April 8 2012

8:15 AM

April 7 2012

8:44 PM
"little mommy"

April 6 2012

12:55 PM
"aunt cecily"

top: dress worn as top (babygap) leggings: circo (target) sandals: saltwater sandals (via meandmy feet.com) hairclip : forever 21 (sold as a set!)

April 5 2012

7:04 PM
"the very hungry caterpillar"



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April 4 2012

2:08 PM
"my 'big' girl"

top: zutano (thrifted) jeggings: circo (target) shoes: bobux (ga ga)

April 3 2012

5:40 PM

April 2 2012

3:17 PM

April 1 2012

1:28 PM
"texas bluebonnets"

March 31 2012

1:45 PM
"party girl"

tshirt: rowdy sprout (ga ga) shorts: circo (once upon a child resale) sunnies: (children's place) necklaces: beaded one is handmade by her friend, gold one is from forever 21, bracelet: from a four pack I got in the party aisle at Target for $1

March 30 2012

2:12 PM
"blue eyes"

March 29 2012

3:00 PM
"squirrel watching"