February 28 2012

1:34 PM
"sittin pretty"

hoodie: genuine kids (once upon a child resale) purple jeggings: circo (target) moccasin boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com)

February 27 2012

2:40 PM

sweater: zarababy (zara.com) jeggings: garanimals (walmart) moccasin boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com)

February 26 2012

7:15 PM
"mommy's jacket"

black faux leather jacket: flying tomato (strut boutique)

February 25 2012

2:34 PM
"fun with Aunt Cecily"

cardigan: zarakids (zara) dress/tunic: (american apparel) leggings: circo (target) moccasin boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com)

February 24 2012

8:17 AM


February 23 2012

4:30 PM

top: resale (once upon a child) leggings: tea collection (teacollection.com) moccasins: bobux (ga ga) no-spill bubbles: (target)


Mini Street Style @ The Baby Blackbird!

The Little Girl M was featured in MINI STREET STYLE at The Baby Blackbird! Check it out! We love Brandy's fashion inspiration for littles and bigs alike. Thanks again for featuring my little lady!


February 22 2012

4:12 PM
"Crayola kid"

top/onesie: (american apparel) pants: (babygap) shoes: zarababy (zara.com)

February 21 2012

7:40 PM
"tickle monster"

top: vintage (once upon a child resale) jeggings: circo (target) hairclip: giddy giddy (ga ga)

February 20 2012

7:55 PM
"19 months old"


February 19 2012

3:17 PM
"mommy and me"

tunic/dress: twirls & twigs (ga ga) new amber teething necklace: inspired by finn (ga ga)

February 18 2012

2:30 PM
"2nd cousins"

Margot's outfit:
top under sweater: gifted (old navy) sweater: (babygap) leggings: circo (target) shoes: zarababy (zara.com) clip: giddy giddy (ga ga)

February 17 2012

5:05 PM


February 16 2012

5:26 PM

cardigan: carter's (thrifted) dress: faded glory (once upon a child) leggings: circo (target) boots: (old navy) owl bag (it's actually a lunchbox): skip hop (ga ga)

February 15 2012

7:08 PM
"future folk singer?"

dress: (old navy) mini guitar: thrifted years ago (savers)


February 14 2012

9:00 AM
"valentines day delivery!"

denim jacket: children's place (thrift town) top: zara (zarakids) leggings: circo (target) shoes: zara (zara.com)

February 13 2012

7:37 PM
"mommy's 29th birthday!"

valentines day t-shirt: gifted (from grandma) cardigan: (babygap) leggings: zutano (ga ga) shoes: keds (savers)

February 12 2012

10:00 AM

February 11 2012

7:30 PM
"emptying out the baby crib and 'drinking' from her doll's bottle"

top: zara (zara kids) leggings: circo (target) socks: babylegs (ga ga)

February 10 2012

8:07 AM

jammies: carter's (babies r us)

February 9 2012

3:02 PM

top: zara (zara kids) clip: giddy giddy (ga ga) new amber teething necklace: Inspired by Finn (ga ga)

February 8 2012

1:12 PM
"paci hoarder"

long sleeved top: (babygap) sweater worn over: zara (zara.com) jeggings: circo (target) mocassins: bobux (ga ga)

February 7 2012

1:20 PM


polkadotted onesie: carter's (buy buy baby) dress worn over onesie: vintage (once upon a child resale shoppe) leggings: circo (target) shoes: zara (zara.com) broom (& dustpan/dustbroom): learning express

February 6 2012

5:45 PM
"visiting mommy at work"

top:miniwear (babies r us) jeggings: circo (target) boots: (old navy)


February 5 2012

7:39 PM

purple blouse: (babygap) sleeveless top worn over blouse: old navy (once upon a child resale shoppe) leggings: zutano (ga ga) brown bow clip: was mine, but now it's hers :)

February 4 2012

3:27 PM
"artist at work"

owl bib: skip hop (ga ga) shirt: zara baby (zara.com) leggings: (old navy) striped socks: (babygap)

February 3 2012

4:29 PM
"princess M (taken by her sitter while I was sick)"

checked tunic: (old navy) princess tiara: daycare toy

February 2 2012

6:01 PM
"with Daddy"


February 1 2012

4:44 PM
"daycare buddies"

January 31 2012

7:33 PM
"baby buggy"

Amelia Earhart shirt: (okllo.com) jeans: boys Charlie Rocket (ga ga) socks: (babygap) hairclip: giddy giddy (ga ga)