March 26 2012

8:31 AM

top/tunic: vintage (thrifted) jeggings: (thrifted) shoes: zarababy (zara.com) ring flashcards: Mudpuppy-My First Words (ga ga) necklace: made for her by her daycare friend!

March 25 2012

3:09 PM
"bookstore Sundays"

shirt: okklo (okklo.com) jeggings: circo (target) moccasins: (once upon a child resale) bunny: woodland babe (jellycat)

March 24 2012

1:45 PM

tshirt: zarakids (zara.com) leggings: circo (target) mocassin boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com)

March 23 2012

2:40 PM
"daddy messes"


March 22 2012

8:14 AM
"dress up"

March 21 2012

5:28 PM

top: zarakids (zara) vest: (old navy) leggings: circo (target) shoes: zarababy (zara.com)

March 20 2012

6:15 PM
"20 months old!"

top: cherokee (pumpkin patch resale) bloomers/shorts: carter's (thrift town) amber teething necklace: inspired by finn (ga ga)

March 19 2012

8:44 AM
"aw shucks!"

top: (hand me down) jeggings: (old navy) shoes: keds (savers) bunny: jellycat (ga ga)


March 18 2012

2:44 PM
"multi-tasker (look at the cutie in the background!)"

dress: nano (ga ga) sweater: zarababy (zara.com) moccasin boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com)

March 17 2012

3:48 PM

plaid tunic: cherokee (thrifted) denim vest: (old navy) leggings: carter's (gifted) moccasins: bobux (ga ga)

March 16 2012

8:03 AM
"morning tea!"

jammies: carter's (babies r us) tea set: vilac (ga ga) bunny: jellycat (ga ga)

March 15 2012

12:30 PM

top: little lass (hand me down)


March 14 2012

1:44 PM
"the woods"

striped onesie: (american apparel) denim vest: (old navy) leggings: circo (target) mocassin boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com)

March 13 2012

5:01 PM
"dinosaur park"

top/tunic/dress: (american apparel) leggings: circo (target) mocassin boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com)

March 12 2012

3:36 PM
"cheering up a sick mommy"

March 11 2012

12:35 PM
"watering plants"

onesie: appaman (ga ga) leggings: circo (target) boots: (old navy)

March 10 2012

1:24 PM

tshirt: rowdy sprout (ga ga) denim vest: (old navy) leggings: tea collection (teacollection.com)

March 9 2012

7:45 PM

elmo jammies: gifted

March 8 2012

2:15 PM

top: old navy (gifted) jeggings: garanimals (wal-mart) mocassin boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com)

March 7 2012

5:44 PM
"5 o'clock traffic"

top: faded glory (hand me down) leggings: carter's (gifted) mocassin boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com) stuffed animal: jellycat (discontinued)


March 6 2012

2:48 PM
"lunch date with daddy"

white dress/tunic: vintage (thrifted) denim vest: (old navy) leggings: circo (target) boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com) lion: jellycat (once upon a child)

March 5 2012

1:12 PM
"denim vest"

denim vest: (old navy) romper: cherokee (thrifted) boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com)

March 4 2012

2:58 PM
"reaching for the kite"

top: old navy (once upon a child) jeggings: (old navy) boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com)

March 3 2012

11:30 AM

sweater: (babygap) dress: faded glory (walmart) boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com)

4:01 PM
"cuteness overload"

wrap dress: tea collection (thrifted) boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com)

March 2 2012

4:38 PM
"visiting Mommy at work"

top: cherokee (once upon a child) leggings: (old navy) moccasin boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com)


March 1 2012

8:19 AM

purple tunic/dress: carter's (once upon a child) mustard colored tunic/dress worn under: (american apparel) leggings: zutano (ga ga) moccasin boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com) clip: giddy giddy (ga ga)

February 29 2012 (the extra day!)

9:06 PM
"and the smallest one was Madeline"

dress: carter's (thrifted at savers) Madeline soft interactive book: gifted (from grandma)