May 31 2012

8:34 AM
"big girl bed"

May 30 2012

1:44 PM

dress worn as top: babygap (thrift town) jeggings: circo (target) sandals: saltwaters (meandmyfeet.com)

May 29 2012

9:30 PM

jammies: kicky pants (ga ga)

May 28 2012

9:16 PM
"minnie mouse"

jammies: carter's (once upon a child)

May 27 2012

3:31 PM

dress: mini shatsu (ga ga) shoes: genuine kids (target)

May 26 2012

12:02 PM
"an adorable walk in the park, followed by an ugly epic meltdown"

tunic/dress: american apparel (american apparel) leggings: children's place (children's place) shoes: circo (target)


May 25 2012

9:30 AM
"sandals day"

top/tunic: hanna anderson (thrift town) leggings: circo (target) sandals: saltwaters (meandmyfeet.com)

May 24 2012

1:25 PM
"popsicle to the rescue"

bad quality photo courtesy of Daddy's older phone's camera


May 23 2012

10:14 AM
"balloon attack!"

May 22 2012

3:11 PM
"post epic meltdown & tee-tee accident*"

top & leggings: children's place

*had to buy a new outfit after mommy didn't pack extras and we had a weird leaky diaper accident in a photo booth, no less! what followed said accident was a 20 minute meltdown. getting 2nd year molars and eyeteeth at the same time is no fun for anyone!

May 21 2012

6:15 PM

tshirt: american apparel (once upon a child) leggings: tea collection (teacollection.com)

May 20 2012

3:03 PM
"more birthday partying"

swimsuit: carter's (buybuy baby)

May 19 2012

12:40 PM
"birthday partying"

top/tunic: sadie loves kiki (ga ga) jeggings: circo (target) moccassin boots: minnetonka (shoebuy.com)


May 18 2012

9:15 AM
"shadow watching"

rose onesie: junebeam-new local line at the shop! (ga ga) jeans: old navy (thrift town) shoes: keds (savers)

May 17 2012

8:15 pm
"dress up suitcase"

tshirt: okllo (okllo.com) jeans: old navy (thrift town) and my old tap shoes (they are a little big, but she LOVED them)



May 14 2012

8:45 AM
"smiley morning to you, too"

tshirt: american apparel (once upon a child) jeans: old navy (thrift town) shoes: keds (savers) bunny: jellycat (ga ga) sippy cup: safesippy (sample from work)

May 13 2012

5:05 PM
"the little girl who made me a mom-happy mother's day!"

May 12 2012

4:34 PM
"arms covered, feet exposed day*"

shirt: Great American Shirt-Amelia Earhart (okllo.com) jeggings: circo(target) sandals: saltwater sandals (meandmyfeet.com)

*M has pretty bad eczema and some days are worse than others. it's mostly a genetic thing, and we have ruled out major food allergies. mainly we just have to keep her moisturized with frangrance free lotions/washes. we try to limit using any kind of steroidal creams. since we live in Texas and it gets HOT, she obviously can't be in long sleeves and boots all of the time. but, when any part of her is exposed that itches, she scratches it-A LOT (her "hotspots" are her ankles and knees, hands/fingers, the inside creases of her arms and legs, her upper and lower back, and on some days her mouth/cheeks). that being said, she can't wear dresses, shorts, sleeveless tops or sandals most of the time. but, there are days that I just have to see her little legs dangling while she swings, or her cute little toes poking out of her saltwaters on a humid spring day. so, this day we covered up almost every troublespot and let her wear sandals. she was a little scracth crazy at first, but after letting her get a little out of her system (when we uncover her trouble spots she usually goes crazy until we put lotion on them) she was all good. and we got to take a gander at her sweet little tootsies for a couple of hours before cotton footies were put on for bedtime. xoxo lacey

May 11 2012

8:33 PM
" 'margot is a stuffed animal' game"

favorite storage bin ever: 3 Sprouts Organic

May 10 2012

8:03 PM
"headstand like Daddy"


May 9 2012

11:20 AM
"outfit love"

top: old navy (gifted) top/tunic/dress worn over: (american apparel)

May 8 2012

5:56 PM
"first manicure"

nail color: essie (turquoise & caicos)

May 7 2012

7:17 PM

matching friendship bracelets: target

May 6 2012

7:15 PM
"dressy casual"

top: cherokee (thrift town) jeans: children's place (thrift town) shoes: stride rite (thrift town)

PS-This outfit cost $6! SIX DOLLARS!!!!!

May 5 2012

2:03 PM
"food groups"

romper: genuine kids (target) necklace: chewbeads (ga ga) play food: melissa and doug (ga ga)

May 4 2012

8:33 PM
"funny bunny"

leggings: circo (target) shoes: stride rite (thrift town) bunnies: jellycat (ga ga)

May 3 2012

7:40 PM
"in motion"


May 2 2012

2:39 PM
"playground rock climbing"

top/tunic: hanna anderson (thrift town) leggings: circo (target) shoes: sweet kids (hand me down)

May 1 2012

6:45 PM
"casual cool"

tshirt: american apparel (once upon a child) jeans: children's place (thrift town) saddle shoes: stride rite (thrift town)

April 30 2012

I was inspired by this idea from the lovely ms. James over at Bleubird Blog (http://bleubirdvintage.typepad.com/blog/). A picture an hour. It was fun and I'm sure I'll do it again!


dress:sadie loves kiki (ga ga) shoes: sweet kids (hand me down) sippy cup: (safe sippy) purse: thrifted (savers)

April 29 2012

10:05 AM
"couch peekaboo"

April 28 2012

11:20 AM

yellow top: cherokee (savers) denim vest: (old navy) necklace: chewbeads (ga ga)

April 27 2012

6:05 PM
" 'flightless bird, american mouth' as lullaby"

April 26 2012

3:15 PM
"for the day road trip to granny's"

dress worn as top: zutano (once upon a child) jeggings: circo (target) tennies: circo (target) handmade necklace: daycare friend