May 12 2012

4:34 PM
"arms covered, feet exposed day*"

shirt: Great American Shirt-Amelia Earhart (okllo.com) jeggings: circo(target) sandals: saltwater sandals (meandmyfeet.com)

*M has pretty bad eczema and some days are worse than others. it's mostly a genetic thing, and we have ruled out major food allergies. mainly we just have to keep her moisturized with frangrance free lotions/washes. we try to limit using any kind of steroidal creams. since we live in Texas and it gets HOT, she obviously can't be in long sleeves and boots all of the time. but, when any part of her is exposed that itches, she scratches it-A LOT (her "hotspots" are her ankles and knees, hands/fingers, the inside creases of her arms and legs, her upper and lower back, and on some days her mouth/cheeks). that being said, she can't wear dresses, shorts, sleeveless tops or sandals most of the time. but, there are days that I just have to see her little legs dangling while she swings, or her cute little toes poking out of her saltwaters on a humid spring day. so, this day we covered up almost every troublespot and let her wear sandals. she was a little scracth crazy at first, but after letting her get a little out of her system (when we uncover her trouble spots she usually goes crazy until we put lotion on them) she was all good. and we got to take a gander at her sweet little tootsies for a couple of hours before cotton footies were put on for bedtime. xoxo lacey

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