IKEA: Flat Out Awesome

A couple of Saturdays back I decided to load up Little Girl and make a trip to IKEA. I had a few things I knew I wanted and it helps to have her with me, especially if I'm alone with her because I tend to go in, get what I came for (I practically study the IKEA catalog everyday) and get back on the road back home. This glorious Saturday though, I got a flat on the way up. Almost was a blowout, but I pulled over just in time. Luckily the Hubs was kind enough to leave work and come rescue us. Lots of other fun stuff ensued, but lets just do like Elaine does on Seinfeld and ya-da ya-da it.

We got a flat...ya-da, ya-da...spare was flat too, ya-da, ya-da...3 gas stations later, ya-da, ya-da...I went to IKEA even after all of it. By the way, these pictures of her in the sunglasses were taken while we were waiting in the Texas heat for Daddy. It made getting a flat a little less of a bummer.

One of the things I got at IKEA was the felt food (the breakfast set). I put it all in a little basket I had lying around, along with her Plan Toys tableware set. She immediately dumped everything else and laughed hesterically with the basket on her head. Awesome.

15 piece felt Breakfast Set

PlanToys Tableware Set

Margot's Outfit:

Striped Onesie


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