Making Time For US

For almost an entire year we didn't spend ONE night away from Little Girl. Not intentionally, really. But, for Daddy's birthday (in June) we decided to let the grandparents keep Little Girl for the weekend. We put SO MUCH into the success of our first weekend together that it ended up being less than fun to say the least. We learned that we need to take more opportunities to spend time, just US. So, we have enlisted people we trust to keep Little Girl overnight every once in awhile.

Last night our good friends (and one of the only couples we know with a youngster as well) kept L.G. We ate a big, fat doughnut from Gourdough's, an amazing food trailer that serves the most decadent doughnuts. We got the Flying Pig. A doughnut smothered in maple icing and topped with bacon. After that we just went home, layed in bed and watched High Fidelity (we love making fun of Laura's man voice!) for the umteenth time.

It's important to remember US. Because US made THIS:

I know that's not correct English, but you know what I mean. Here she is drumming without a care in the world at our friends house early in the morning. Although I missed my little alarm clock (when my friend, Jessica sent this pic I hugged the phone), I know it's important that I get more at ease with being away from her. Because one day she will WANT to leave, and that will be okay. Just as long as she comes back...LOTS. Because I'm always gonna miss my Little Girl when she's gone. ALWAYS.

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