New Toys!

So Little Girl pretty much banked on her bday. I was totally jealous of all the cool loot she got! We have some pretty awesome friends and family. One gift she got that's pretty sweet is her 50 piece maple block set (gifted by the owner of the shop I work at). Little Girl has plenty of square blocks in all different sizes. But, this set has shapes of blocks she hasn't experimented with as much, like cylinders, rectangles and triangles. It really cute to watch Daddy build mini towers for her to knock down. And, it comes with a drawstring bag to store your blocks in. We like to put em in there at the end of the night and leave them in the bag for her to use her problem solving skills and get em out. It's so amazing to watch her little determined scrunched up face as she shakes and shakes and shakes until they come spilling out in front of her. Then she gets this adorable proud look on her face. Priceless.
This is Little Girl in her teepee (gifted by grandpa & Uncle Jonathon). You can't see it, but that's what she's inside in those last few pictures. It is so hilarious to watch her crawl in and play with her toys or read a book. Sometimes we close the front and see how long it takes before she stops playing music on her drum and pokes her head through. She usually takes a quick glance to make sure we're still there and then resumes with her playing.
We're still here Little Girl, we're always be.
Even when you're 16 and you just want us to GO AWAY! <---I hope not.

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