Breakfast, Lunch & A Museum

Yesterday was pretty cool if you ask me. And, if you asked Little Girl, she would probably just make this sound, "BAAAH!" But, that's her response to everything, so it COULD mean, "I did too!"

Shirtless breakfast. Wish I could still get away with that...or not.

Folded Up Tunnel Fun!

Remember that tunnel (from IKEA) she crawls through? Well, even when it's folded up she manages to utilize it. Yesterday she discovered how to crawl in and out of it, which she did, over and over and over and...you get it. She also likes to push it around like it's a shopping cart. She grabs things as she goes and tosses them in. Blocks, oh yeah! I want some of them! Little wooden car? Yep, you're coming along for the ride too! She usually pushes until she gets stuck under the credenza. The tunnel gets stuck, or SHE actually does. Either way, it cracks me up.

Austin Children's Museum

When Daddy got home we went to the Austin Children's Museum. I had never been, and the last time Daddy had was when he was ten, which was, like...a long time ago ;) Wednesdays they have community night. You donate what you can as admission (suggested $1 per person) and from 5-8pm the museum is yours! We got there around 6:30 and stayed until exactly 8! It was so much fun we didn't even look at the clock once. The best part is that there's something to do for kids 3 and under. Lots of times, kid friendly doesn't mean baby friendly, so it was nice to have an area just for the babies where we could relax. As usual, Little Girl was in love with all the kiddos. She made a few friends and had the most fun with this step stool, that of course isn't intended to be a toy, but ended up being one anyways. We've decided to make the museum a regular thing for sure. Totally worth $3!

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Anonymous said...

What an AWESOME creation on The Go & The Blog! She is such beautiful baby u guys have. Can't wait to see u all at the Birthday party. Love you all! C-pon