Stacking Rings, Clicking Tongues & A Mommy Mountain

Today Daddy came by work with Little Girl before they grabbed some dog food from our local feed store, Tomlinson's. This Plan Toys stacking ring has been at work for-ever and she mostly just knaws on each ring, but today she pulled right up to the table and just started stacking those rings like it was going out of style. So deliberately. It was amazing to say the least.

Climbing on things, and people, is Little Girl's new favorite past time. Today while I was at work Daddy says she climbed all the way up the stairs (supervised, of course) without any help. Mommy makes a good climbing surface too, though. Oh, and does Little Girl loooove her tunnel! She loves when we sneak up on her and scare her while she hides inside. Then all of a sudden she'll scream and lunge forward and crawl quickly towards us with this crazy look in her baby eyes. It's frighteningly adorable.

Another new discovery: tongue clicking.

Message for Little Girl: SLOW DOWN, little one. You're growing up too fast, and mommy can't handle how proud she is of you everyday.

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